Dec 12, 2012

A Gift worth Giving

A young lady I know and her friend had a moment in life where they looked at the water crisis and how easily they receive their water and said, "This is NOT ok!" So they set out to do something about it. The best part is they're actually still in high school. They decided to raise money through Charity: Water (an excellent organization where 100% of the money raised goes straight to the cause) to raise $1000 through the holiday season. I think that is awesome! I donated some books for their cause so I hope they will help out.

A little while back I made my book available as a free download and you could help by buying a physical copy, donating directly to the water charity or simply by spreading the word. So if you feel motivated to give this holiday season, here's the free book download and Rachel and Katrina's link to their page is here:

What I love about this type of charity is that so little literally does so much. We're talking about the lives, health and economies of people around the world. Stay awesome people!! Enjoy your holidays!!