Dec 4, 2013

Giving a little green for a lot of Blue

Hello friends! It has been a while since I've had any updates for this blog. Today that all changes. Our super awesome, super humble, super talented, super everything else, friends at creative studio Imago, have a Christmas party every year geared towards raising funds for a charity/cause of their choice (what a great way to leverage your influence and relationships. An example we could all learn from.). This year is no different. This year they have chosen Charity: Water as the organization they would like to help.

If you are unfamiliar with Charity:Water, they are such an innovative organization who are laser beam focused on ending the water crisis. Founder, Scott Harrison, recently visited my church and, let me tell you, they are a top notch organization who truly have simplified their vision and mission. They are the real deal.

So what's the point? Well, when Imago invited me to the party, I asked if he would like me to bring some books. Thankfully he said yes and so this is where the money from the books will be going to on that night. I'm looking forward to meeting some great people and sharing the book with some new friends.

So this year I encourage you as you brush your teeth, take a shower or simply take a sip of water, to not take that gift for granted and consider giving to one of these great organizations this Christmas (or any other time between January and December ;). Thanks friends! Have an awesome Christmas!

Dec 12, 2012

A Gift worth Giving

A young lady I know and her friend had a moment in life where they looked at the water crisis and how easily they receive their water and said, "This is NOT ok!" So they set out to do something about it. The best part is they're actually still in high school. They decided to raise money through Charity: Water (an excellent organization where 100% of the money raised goes straight to the cause) to raise $1000 through the holiday season. I think that is awesome! I donated some books for their cause so I hope they will help out.

A little while back I made my book available as a free download and you could help by buying a physical copy, donating directly to the water charity or simply by spreading the word. So if you feel motivated to give this holiday season, here's the free book download and Rachel and Katrina's link to their page is here:

What I love about this type of charity is that so little literally does so much. We're talking about the lives, health and economies of people around the world. Stay awesome people!! Enjoy your holidays!!

Oct 12, 2012

The book is free!!!

Hey friends! So I have decided to make the book available as a free download. As important as it is to raise the money, it's also important to raise awareness. So please download the book and if you really like it, do at least one of two things:

1) Tweet, Re-blog, post on Facebook, etc about this book and cause.
The buttons are down below by the comments.
2) Buy a book or make a donation to an organization that supports this cause, like Blood: Water Mission

If you don't like the book, do one or both of the above anyway. It's for a good cause!!

So please download the book here or click the image below. 

To buy a book, please use the PayPal button to the right OR donate directly to Blood: Water Mission. I make sure to sign every book and even do a little doodle ;). I should probably add, I don't make any money on the book. I paid for the printing myself and I reimburse myself for the cost of shipping only. All of the rest of the money goes to cleaner water and brighter futures :).

Thanks folks!

Dec 14, 2011

Look Mom, I'm Famous!!

Ok, not really. Back in October, Target was putting a show at a local gallery and asked its creative staff if they wanted to join. I was planning on creating and submitting new artwork, but I was right in the thick of moving that I was unable to follow through on that. BUT I was able to submit I NEED YOU BLUE which was really great! Unfortunately I was out of state and wasn't able to attend, but here are a couple of photos of the event. Yay! A big thanks to those who purchased the book and supported the cause!

Jun 27, 2011

Mucho Needo Update-o

Hey folks!

Here's a quick and much needed update.

1) The book is now for sale online via Paypal!! The button is to the right.
2) We're (yes, you too) almost at a 100 books sold, BUT we're already over $1000! Some of you have gone above and beyond with your generosity. THANK YOU! Keep popping back in to see how much has been raised.
3) A quick thanks to my sis who's a marketing prodigy so I'm thinking I'll need to be putting in another order of books soon, which was unplanned, but I don't want to run out before Comic Con!
4) Word on the street is broccoli tag is sweeping the nation. (If you read the book, you know exactly what I'm talking 'bout. Buy the book to get the 411)

Thanks again for all of the positive feedback! Ultra word!!!

Jun 9, 2011

Definition of Super Awesome

There is no written definition of Super Awesome. Webster's only has the photo below.

What is it, you ask? My good buddy at work, Ted, purchased the book for his sons and one of them, Lucas (who apparently asked for an art desk for Xmas), LOVED the book so much (those are Ted's words!) started illustrating the book. You can tell from the bold, confident strokes of the marker, he's truly capturing the raw emotion, the ups and downs, of the book.

Great job Lucas! It's people like you that make the hard work worthwhile. Since I am making no money on the book, that right there is payment enough. Keep up the, SUPER AWESOME work!

Jun 5, 2011

What's the Story Again?!

So I've been asked to post a quick synopsis of the story.

It's a story about a boy, Dewey, and his best friend, Blue (a super cool glob of water). They do everything together. Dewey finds out that friendships aren't all about giggles, sometimes tough decisions need to be made.

When I set out to create this book for charity (providing water to those who don't have it), I wanted the story to reflect the nature of the charity so the undertone is the importance of water (Blue).

Also, since you've been asking I'm looking to see what the best solution to sell online. So stay tuned!

Thanks folks!!!


A quick update:

So far things are going far better than expected. In less than a week we've (yes, I'm including you) managed to raise a little over $400. I was expecting maybe $100 or so, but you guys have been AMAZING and super generous...and I love you. Shhhhh. Just follow your heart.

ANYWAYS, here's a tid bit of exclusive info - For Comic Con (Wizard World) I'll be taking some Blue stuffed plush. Here's a sneak peek of the design. Enjoy!!

May 29, 2011

You can't get any more doner than done!

So after a year of concepting, re-writing, illustrating, re-illustrating, playing video games, proofing, the books are 100% done and delivered!

HUGE thanks to all who've helped along the way either with the story, critiquing, or proofing. I realized I should just stick to drawing, which defeats the purpose of this whole blog thing, huh? The English language is waaaay too complex. I had about 8 folks proofread the book and nobody was consistent. I'm not saying they're not smart, I'm just saying...dang, I'm glad my career doesn't involve too much writing. I'm sure you're glad too.

I'm sure the entire interweb is buzzing about how they can get their hands on this piece of amazing. Unfortunately for right now you have to be at Comic Con in Chicago in August or know me personally. I think choice A is ultimately more rewarding in the long run.

Thanks again to all who've been along the ride this long. Sadly (or fortunately, depending on how you view this blog) this will be one of the last few postings since all of the work is gone, but I will check back in to let you know how much money was raised and if there are any great stories to share. If you are having withdrawals, you can check out my personal blog here: where I'll post stuff I'm working on.

Have an awesome life!!

May 1, 2011

I'll have a little blood with my water

Ok, I know that sounds a bit disgusting. Well, man up. So after much deliberation, the charity chosen to receive the all of the $$$ from the book is Blood:Water Mission.

I did my research and there were a number of great charities I could've chosen, but in the end it came back to this group (it didn't hurt that graphically we're on the same page. One of their posters has a similar look to something I'm doing for the Chicago Comic Con this August. More on that later). They're fairly small and a little bit of money goes a long way. Their focus is not only providing a sustainable solution to the water crisis in Africa, but also the HIV/AIDS crisis as well. Hospitals sometimes lack CLEAN water to treat patients, so I'm hoping whatever we can give them, will really help out. So I encourage you to check them out and even if you don't get a book, consider what you can do to help them or a similar charity.

Thanks for listening! Word!