Oct 12, 2012

The book is free!!!

Hey friends! So I have decided to make the book available as a free download. As important as it is to raise the money, it's also important to raise awareness. So please download the book and if you really like it, do at least one of two things:

1) Tweet, Re-blog, post on Facebook, etc about this book and cause.
The buttons are down below by the comments.
2) Buy a book or make a donation to an organization that supports this cause, like Blood: Water Mission

If you don't like the book, do one or both of the above anyway. It's for a good cause!!

So please download the book here or click the image below. 

To buy a book, please use the PayPal button to the right OR donate directly to Blood: Water Mission. I make sure to sign every book and even do a little doodle ;). I should probably add, I don't make any money on the book. I paid for the printing myself and I reimburse myself for the cost of shipping only. All of the rest of the money goes to cleaner water and brighter futures :).

Thanks folks!

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