Jun 9, 2011

Definition of Super Awesome

There is no written definition of Super Awesome. Webster's only has the photo below.

What is it, you ask? My good buddy at work, Ted, purchased the book for his sons and one of them, Lucas (who apparently asked for an art desk for Xmas), LOVED the book so much (those are Ted's words!) started illustrating the book. You can tell from the bold, confident strokes of the marker, he's truly capturing the raw emotion, the ups and downs, of the book.

Great job Lucas! It's people like you that make the hard work worthwhile. Since I am making no money on the book, that right there is payment enough. Keep up the awesome...no, SUPER AWESOME work!

1 comment:

  1. This IS what it's all about. Inspiring someone else. Very cool.

    And jeez - look at all this work!? I've been missing out! Amazing stuff. I feel a great sense of motivation/drive from you on this project. Hope to see ya at ComiCon!