Jun 27, 2011

Mucho Needo Update-o

Hey folks!

Here's a quick and much needed update.

1) The book is now for sale online via Paypal!! The button is to the right.
2) We're (yes, you too) almost at a 100 books sold, BUT we're already over $1000! Some of you have gone above and beyond with your generosity. THANK YOU! Keep popping back in to see how much has been raised.
3) A quick thanks to my sis who's a marketing prodigy so I'm thinking I'll need to be putting in another order of books soon, which was unplanned, but I don't want to run out before Comic Con!
4) Word on the street is broccoli tag is sweeping the nation. (If you read the book, you know exactly what I'm talking 'bout. Buy the book to get the 411)

Thanks again for all of the positive feedback! Ultra word!!!

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