May 1, 2011

I'll have a little blood with my water

Ok, I know that sounds a bit disgusting. Well, man up. So after much deliberation, the charity chosen to receive the all of the $$$ from the book is Blood:Water Mission.

I did my research and there were a number of great charities I could've chosen, but in the end it came back to this group (it didn't hurt that graphically we're on the same page. One of their posters has a similar look to something I'm doing for the Chicago Comic Con this August. More on that later). They're fairly small and a little bit of money goes a long way. Their focus is not only providing a sustainable solution to the water crisis in Africa, but also the HIV/AIDS crisis as well. Hospitals sometimes lack CLEAN water to treat patients, so I'm hoping whatever we can give them, will really help out. So I encourage you to check them out and even if you don't get a book, consider what you can do to help them or a similar charity.

Thanks for listening! Word!

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