Feb 3, 2011

The White Light

There it is. It's drawing nearer. I can taste it but I'm not quite there. Between work, snow and the book, this is how I'm feeling (just like Dewey).

I've got just 4 pages left then some minor revisions, the cover, choosing a charity (which I have one in mind) setting up some sort of online shop so I can sell the books unless someone at work is willing to buy all 300 (well, 298. I'll keep 1 for me and 1 for my mom) and I'm sure I'm missing some minor yet HUGE details.

Anyways, I do have a little more of my process to share. Remember how I had one file with all of the pages? I then created individual files for each page then threw them into InDesign so I could see what the pages would look like next to each other. In some cases, I didn't like the flow, so I needed to edit a page out, throw a new one in, or play with the story a little so I could flip a couple of pages. Here's a quick InDesign screen capture.

By seeing it all together like this I realized I had too many static poses. It is the look I'm going for, but I still needed to mix things up. I also realized I needed to change the color of one of the secondary characters because I am using certain colors to define certain characters. It sounds deep, but trust me, it ain't thaaaaat deep.

That's where I'll leave you with for now. Good night! Word!


  1. Seriously you figured out how to get a link on a pixar blog so props on the skills there man.

  2. Ha! Thanks man! That's just the beginning of what I'm planning on bringing in 2011!!