Dec 8, 2010

Tell Me a Good Story

So onto the story! I've never written a story outside of an English class assignment. Songs, yes (bad ones). Stories, not really. Here's where JP was a real help. You see, JP has a Master's degree in Cartooning. Yes, Cartooning. Do you even know how awesome that is?! It's like graduating Magna Cum Laude from the Jedi Academy and Yoda was your professor. It's like speaking softly and carrying a pimp stick. Anyways, I set up lunch one afternoon so I can bring him my sketch book and show him what I thought was gold in written form and wanted some feedback. Here's a bad iPhone photo of said page. This is the very first pass at the book. I basically did a rough storyboard to get the points across (I should add I'm not aiming for Shakespeare. It's more like Sesame Street).
Thankfully he was kind in saying there needed to be changes and instead of telling me what changes to make, he asked me a few questions and gave suggestions on how to create some basic story telling principles. I wrote down those notes 3/4 of the way down the page below the horizontal line. (You'll notice it's near impossible to read. That's how I protect my work from prying eyes like YOURS! I kid. I just have horrible handwriting). His feedback was great and extremely valuable (some would say invaluable. See, not a writer. That's why it's all about the drawings folks.), so I am beyond grateful for his friendship and expertise. Thanks brotha! So I went back to the drawing board (literally) and thought about his advice and made some changes.Check back to see what happens next. This is edge of your frickin' seat stuff, I know.

So for now I leave you with a quick sketch from tonight (not relevant to this book). 



  1. Yeah, I thought of you and Pertaco when I wrote that. ;) I made sure I used it correctly.