Jan 2, 2011

This is how the story goes

Happy New Year folks!!

Sorry it's been a while but you know how it goes, holiday gatherings to go to and post-apocalyptic mutated insects to kill (an Xmas video game present. I'm itching to go back for more.).

So where were we? Oh yes, I had just introduced the main characters. So by now I've made tweaks to the story line, finalized the main characters and story boarded the book on post-it notes. So next I laid out the book pages in Illustrator and began drawing each page as seen below. I don't know how other folks would handle this stage but I like to see all of what I'm working on in one place so I can make adjustments as needed. The same goes with anything else I work on, EVERYTHING is on one file and nothing gets deleted. I'm a digi-hoarder because you know you'll eventually need to go back to the ONLY thing you deleted. I usually have a layer in Illustrator called UNUSED or TRASH.

Anyways, without further adieu, here's what the book looks like laid out.
We are almost caught up to where I am presently. Of course I blurred out the image because I don't want to fully ruin the surprise. I've since made a few more tweaks but that's for another time.

Thanks y'all and have an awesome awesome crazy new year!!


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  1. lol...literally SOOO blurry! (literally that i lol'd and literally that it's blurry)