Dec 20, 2010

Quick info

Hey folks! Two quick notes:

1) Thanks mucho for all of the support so far and ideas on how to get this out. It's super appreciated, especially since this is my first time in the book world. Ultimately it's you who will make the difference between me selling two copies to my mom or you guys shooting over some ideas and you telling your people about the book/blog (and hopefully picking up two copies for YOUR mom).

2) Also, my email is locked up at the moment by Google (apparently it's too much awesome for their servers to handle. Well, they said "suspicious activity" but that's just the same thing) so I have not been able to receive emails since this this launched. So if you sent me a message, I'm not ignoring you, I just can't get to it.

Thanks again! Word!


  1. this is pretty amazing stuff, bud. you are my hero... and not in that "ruler of Albion" kind of way. keep on keepin' in brotha!

  2. Ha! You are a true friend in the truest sense of the word true. Too kind. Thanks!

    PS - Ruler of Albion kind of way would be pretty nice in a hip thrust kinda way (Fable reference).