Dec 10, 2010

Successful (?) Surgery

No stories about the story today. Rhymeswithfun had made a comment about my sketch from the "The Wife Test" blog. She said my arm was coming out of my head. Thought it was weird. She's obviously never been to Mexico. Totally normal. Well, thanks to American culture I was left self-conscious about my arm, so I had it surgically placed to be aligned with my other arm at the shoulder. Now all of my Mexican brothers will point and laugh. I hope you're happy Rhymeswithfun.
Also a quick note about my wife. She, too, is a designer/illustrator so her input is credible and valuable. She's also seen every Pixar movie at least 3 times so that almost makes her an expert. It may be worth noting as well, X-mas is coming up soon and I would like a few video games. Just sayin'.

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